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Optical Technology

LEDING owns two developed in-house and patented optical technologies, respectively for track lights and down lights. Exchangeable surface lenses on track lights enable them to adjust beam angles and achieve different lighting effects for various application needs. Single or double asymmetric light output of down lights make them perform excellently in wallwash. Well-designed optical structure produces a smooth luminous output with subtle gradation of light and shade, bringing a wonderful lighting experience and increasing comfort in the room.


Thermal Management

Efficient thermal management is indispensable in order to achieve lights long lifetime and to operate LED as efficiency as possible. LEDING attaches great importance to heat dissipation in the very beginning of light designing. Professional structural design, strict test and experiment guarantee the quality of every light.


Design Ability

LEDING is somewhere technology meets art. Because most products are designed for art lighting, we pay more attention to details and integrate fashion and beauty into cutting-edge LED technology. Our luminaires are not only emitting light to space but also transmitting emotion to people. Qualified  and experienced graphic, mechanical, optical and thermal engineering teams are willing to offer you professional lighting consultations and customized lighting designs.


Quality & Warranty

LEDING products carry CE, RoHS, CCC certifications, and meet all standards required in safety testing and EMC testing. Private moulds, selected materials, imported LED and customized drivers, all parts and components are in top quality level. Internal strict standards and criteria of designing, tooling, manufacturing and inspection ensure the quality and reliability of our products.

LEDING guarantees the quality and performance of our lights for 3 years, counted from the date of delivery. This guarantee must be understood as the responsibility of LEDING to replace or repair defective parts only when they are due to flaws or defects in design or manufacture, not when those caused by misuse application, improper installation or poor handling.


Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility(CSR) is a very important issue for LEDING, as a global citizen, we try to work as environmentally friendly as possible. By using eco-friendly and resource-saving LED technology, LEDING commits itself to improving the lighting applications and achieving considerable energy savings to protect the environment for the future generations. We believe LED technology will evolve the lighting industry and reduce environmental damage greatly.